Spring has taken its time to get here and while we are all anxious for some warmer weather, I am taking some time to stop and smell the roses that are already blooming.


Last weekend my girls and I went to a near by town that was hosting an Art Festival. We got and invitation from my daughters art teacher, one of her paintings was selected to be presented for everyone to enjoy for the duration of the Art Festival which was three days. I was a very proud mamma.

We get so overwhelmed by the day to day life that we sometimes forget to stop and take a look at our surroundings. Our kids are not only growing, but they are also evolving and turning into young women (and young men, for those that have boys).


We are enjoying Spring Break this week and I have vowed not to take one minute of this time for granted. I want to have life with my girls, grow up together.

Some of the changes we are implementing in our home are: we are having dinner every night together with no distractions around. Something that we used to do until somehow we were all eating at different times while watching TV or attending our tablets or phones. We are also going to start (this weekend) “weekends free of social media and devises” (for those that are not involved in SM, like our little girl). Years ago people where not so hooked to phones or tablets, trust me, no one is going to die if we aren’t checking it every second of our (time) weekend.

Please share with me what are your plans for enjoying more time with your family (with no electronic distraction)?


My wishes for you are to enjoy everyday and smell the roses…spring is almost here!

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