A copy of you is never really you. It’s just you imitating someone else. You are beautiful, unique and special; and that’s just why you are loved. Be authentic, be yourself and you’ll soon realize how amazing you are.

A copy of you is never really you! You are enough / #quote / by Wanda Lopez Designs - fashion and lifestyle blog / #wordstoliveby

I have sometimes found myself looking at my sides, comparing myself to others. Comparing my work with others. Then I hear that voice inside of me telling me that I am enough, that I am unique and that I am loved just the way I am. And it is then that I realize of the amount of time and effort it is wasted by trying to be a copy. I copy of who I wish I was.

I deserve better, my daughters deserve better and you deserve better. We are enough and there is no need for a copy.

Have a lovely day and remember you are loved!

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16 comments on “A copy of you is never really you…”

  1. Que bonita frase! y muy cierta. Compararnos con otros es simplemente injusto por que todos tenemos sueños, vidas y pasados diferentes. Gracias por compartir e inspirar mi dia. A mi me pasa mucho, asi que cuando me siento triste o desmotivada me desconecto del internet lo mas posible y me pongo a disfutar mi vida tal y como es. Eso me ayuda a redescubrir las cosas buenas y simples en mi vida diaria. Es una buena terapia 🙂

  2. Muy cierto, evitar comparaciones es lo mejor, que no significa que no encontremos cosas buenas en cada persona y a veces dignas de imitar. Muchas gracias por compartirlo!

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