I am not the kind of person that would go to a gym or exercise on a daily basis, or regularly, or ever. But, as the years go by and the metabolism slows down, I have been noticing a change in my body. Jeans don’t fit like they used to (they are not even closing) and the scale is not lying. I am gaining weight and can’t seem to bring it down. There is no denial here, I know my body needs work, but I refuse to shop for bigger clothe.


Right now, my goal is to go down about 20lbs (pounds). Maybe less. To get inspired I got (as a present) some nice exercise sneakers. They are meant for crossfit, but you won’t see doing crossfit…ever. That’s not for me. I have a friend that is trying it out and she’s loving it. Good for her!

Some of the changes I have been doing is eating more times a day to accelerate my metabolism and working my body, slowly. A combination of yoga and cardio. Plus, taking daily vitamins, next see my doctor to make sure I am doing things right and not working it too much.

Exercise fashion #polyvore Wanda Lopez DesignsShare with me what motivates you or how you motivate yourself to exercise regularly? I love cute outfits and shoes to keep me motivated. The fact that I can wear cute yoga clothing and look good is a great incentive to keep on working out. What exercises are you working on? Yoga, walking, running, zumba or are you on a gym?

health is fashionable with Wanda Lopez Designs

Share in the comments and lets keep each other motivated to exercise and be healthy, because caring for our body is #fashionable.



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