Spring break


I am not much of a gardener, my husband refers to me as a “purple thumb” kinda gal instead of a “green thumb”. Most of my plants don’t make it past two weeks. I have had cactus die. Seriously, how hard can it be to keep a cactus alive? They don’t need much water anyways. Yeap, that’s what happens to most of my plants, they die.


For some reason, I can keep orchids alive. Who would’ve known. Orchids are elegant and beautiful plants. Very regal. Better yet, I can keep them alive for years and years. Do you have a “green thumb”? Or are you as good/not so good with plants as I am?

Here’s hoping that spring makes it your way soon and flowers start blooming, if they are not already blooming. Enjoy the new life that grows all around you (us)!

Alexia Tote {canvas and leather tote}

Women wear many hats, specially if you are a mom. I am a care taker, driver, chef, nurse, teacher, coach, cheerleader and take on many more roles when it comes to my girls and family. This is without saying anything about running a business and taking care of myself. You see? Many, many hats!

I made this tote to help me cover some of the many hats I wear. This canvas and leather tote is called Alexia Tote after my baby girl, (her middle name).


One of the things I do year after year is volunteer in my girls schools, including chaperoning on some field trips. This is a season in their lives that I don’t want to miss out on. I am chaperoning a field trip to the Science Museum next month and needed a tote where I could keep my iPad, phone, snack (many snacks), water bottles and some essentials for the trip.


I love how the canvas and the leather looks together. This Alexia Tote has beautiful bright colors, which are perfect for the Spring and Summer seasons. It is not only pretty to the eye, but the materials are sturdy enough to help this tote keep a nice shape. You’ll find three open pockets inside and plenty of room to keep your essentials and many of your favorite items. I love this tote and can’t wait to run my errands in style. You can too, because the Alexia Tote is now available in the shop (click on the link to go to Wanda Lopez Designs Etsy shop).

Hope you love our Alexia Tote as much as I do. I want to hear from you, please leave me a comment with your thoughts on this super cute Alexia Tote.

Weekend celebrations…

February 28 and March 1 are two of my most favorite days of the year. My oldest daughter was born on a February 28, twelve years ago. You read right, my oldest girl just turned 12. When she was just two years old I was diagnosed with cancer. A rare cancer, we couldn’t even find a doctor that knew about it, less much treat it.



Long story short, we are both happy to be together and a day like February 28th is very emotional to me. The blessing of seeing her become a young girl makes me teary and proud. You can not imagine the nights I cried asking God to give me an opportunity to watch her grow and become a young woman and be a part of her journey. I am the most thankful mamma.


March 1 is my husband’s birthday.This man makes me happy and I am so proud of him.

So you can imagine the celebrations we have every year with two very important occasions occurring one day after another. It’s like a week long celebration. I don’t mind, you see I don’t cook for all those days and that makes me happy too.

I thank God every day and night for the daily blessings and mercy he pours over me.