Fresh flowers and herbs…simple

One of the things that my husband makes most fun of is my lack of green thumb. My plants like staying at the nursery instead of being in my garden. We joke about it a lot, but he is not far from the truth. I lack a green thumb. The only plants that I can keep alive are Orchids. They are pretty forgiving.

I do love having flower arrangements around the house. They make every room feel alive. They make me happy. Plus, they have an advantage, when they start to wilt you just throw them away. No one expects you to keep them alive like the ones planted on pots.

Take a look at some arrangements I gathered for you today. They are all simply beautiful. If you are looking into making simple changes to your day and stay on a budget, I think you’ll love the idea of adding fresh flowers to your indoor decor. (more…)


I am always thinking about ways to be as productive as possible in a simple way. I have organized by agenda countless times. Have eliminated some activities I had been doing that brought no purpose to my life. I have also assigned blocks of time to work (and chores) that needed to be done. Lets face it, most of us wear many hats. (more…)

Fitness in style

31-Days-of-Simplicity-fitness-yoga-wandalopezdesignsOur local Yoga shop recently celebrated their first year anniversary and offered a complementary “all levels” class for the community. I was very excited about this class and also a little nervous, since I had never done yoga before and didn’t know what to expect.

Once I got there, I kept on looking around to see what I had to do, how and where to sit. The fact that I was nervous couldn’t be hidden, even though I tried. But, once the room was full and the class started I became more relaxed and comfortable. (more…)

Less is more…

While reading an article on a business magazine I came across some words that for months have been re-appearing in different ways. In in my heart, on social media posts, on images, on conversations with my husband, friends and our home group from church as well. It seems that everyone wishes to accomplish more with less. Less stress, less time, less money or less _________ (you fill in the blank).

31-Days-of-Simplicity-less-is-more-wandalopezdesigns (more…)