Insta-Sale (Sasa Bag)

Our store is getting ready for new and exciting products. But, before we introduce them, we must clear our inventory a bit. There is a special handbag that we have in stock that is on sale at the moment. It’s our Sasa Bag in Snakeskin fabric. You can look it up on our etsy shop for more specific details. The dimensions of the Sasa Bag is: 16″ Wide / 5″ Base / 12″ Height / Double Suede Strap. It’s a great size bag for us busy women.

This bag has a great variety of purposes. It is insulated which makes it perfect to keep items chilled. Get the hint? It’s great as a lunch or treats bag. It also has a waterproof lining, perfect for lunch and also for those kids bottles, another hint… diaper bag. (more…)

A Note!


It’s been a while since my last post. Many things have been going on. During the summer I have been managing my agenda with many doctors appointments, scans, blood works and medicines.

I was debating whether to include this information on this blog since I wanted to keep it as crafty and fashionable as possible. But, then I came into the conclusion that if you where going to follow this blog it had to include as much of me as possible and the reality is that for now this is part of my life. I wouldn’t say I’m battling Cancer since I don’t feel I’m fighting anyone or anything. What I do know and feel in my heart is that I am being diligent and responsible doing my part by going to my appointments and the rest is on God’s hands. (more…)

Fold Over Clutch

Most of you know by now that I am a very girly girl and have the joy of having two little girls that are very girly as well. That is why accessories makes me so very happy.

During the past weeks I have been working on some new and exciting bags. They became a great hit amongst family and friends and I want you to take a look at them and give me your feedback.

Now for the fun part, let me introduce you to the Fold-over Clutch.


Introducing the Sasa Bag!

Introducing the Sasa Bag!

Sasa Bag/Snakeskin is a girly handmade bag perfect for the busy gal or busy mom.

This bag has multipurpose functions, it can be a lunch bag, a diaper bag or that stylish bag perfect to carry on some snacks for those busy days.

Carry your lunch, snack or kids milk (bottles) in style.

The good news is that the Sasa Bag in a stunning snakeskin fabric is now available on Etsy. Go on and check it out. You’ll love it!