Not feeling productive this week?

Are you not feeling very productive this week? You’re not alone. This has been a roller coaster kinda week. With many emotions, feelings and wonders. We are all trying to figure out what’s to come. No one really knows for sure and all we have left to do is put one feet in front of the other and keep on moving forward. Politics aside, I have had other not so productive weeks too and they have nothing to do with a huge distraction like the one we are all experiencing right now.

Not having a very productive week? I hear you. Unproductive weeks are more common than you think. Here are some tips I follow to stay on task. #WLDBizTalk


Being a Change Agent

Be an Intentional Change Agent / Make a difference in your field and impact others along the way / and recap from Latism16 conference / by Wanda from Wanda Lopez Designs #Latism16

Last week I spent a couple of days at a conference that impacted me tremendously. I was invited by a friend and speaker. We have been great fans and cheerleaders of each others work for a very long time now, but had never met in person. I know you have friendships like that too. (more…)