Boundaries is not only for those family members of friends that may think “Oh, he or she is home I can call and she’ll pick up” or “I can go by and have some coffee”. Boundaries are for yourself too. What?

Make your time more effective. Set a working schedule, honor it and educate others on what that schedule means for you. If I am working and a friend calls I send them a text letting them know that I am working and that I will be calling them at an specific time. Or if I need to make a doctors appointment I won’t schedule during those hours.

Boundaries... work smart while working from home / leather tools used on WLD products / by Wanda Lopez Designs


Cleaning out! Savings for you…

One of the things that excites me a lot is to clean out and start new things on a clean surface. Here at WLD‘s loft we are cleaning out to make room for a brand new collection. That means savings for you. Everything on the shop will be available for sale, 35% off. I may have to warn you, some pieces have very limited amounts so if you have an eye on something you will want to join our newsletter now. Subscribers will be getting the sale code 24 hours before everyone else. Yes, you heard right!




Are you trying to get job done and by the end of the day things got barely done? I hear you. I find myself sitting on my desk early on the day and by the end of the day I have accomplished nothing or almost nothing. Getting distracted on social media or my email (inbox) are my daily battles.

Consistency... are you blogging or running a business and find yourself struggling with consistency? I do, here are some things that are working for me! / #WandaLopezDesigns


Capturing your ideas…

Inspiration usually comes in occasional spurts of the day and you may not have your laptop available to make a blog post or your tools to start creating your beautiful art.You may be in the grocery store, on the car line in your kids school or on the subway heading to your work or back home. How do you capture that light-bulb idea that will inspire your next project or better yet be the final piece to an existing project in hand?

Capture your ideas with a golden dots Kate Spade and a Simplified Planner from Emily Ley / Stay Creative! #wandalopez /  #WLD /