Book Love…“The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For?”

I have purchased The Purpose Driven Life’s book a while ago and when my friend’s birthday came by I gave it to her. At the moment it seemed like a great idea and I am sure it was the best gift for her, but I had realized I had not read the book myself. It makes me happy to hear her voice saying how much the book has blessed her life. I am positive it was the best decision ever and maybe that is why I had it saved for that long, it was just for her. Now it was time I got a copy for myself.

Purpose Driven Life / for that very special and needed devotional time / by Wanda Lopez Designs - blog

The Purpose-Driven Life takes the groundbreaking message of the award-winning Purpose-Driven Church and goes deeper, applying it to the lifestyle of individual Christians. This book helps readers understand God’s incredible plan for their lives. Warren enables them to see the big picture of what life is all about and begin to live the life God created them to live.


Photo shoot with some bling…

Monarch Jewelry invited me over for a day filled with glimmer, shine and laughter. How could I say no? I didn’t! LOL. Monarch Jewelry has a series called MugShot Mondays. Every Monday they showcase a local with their favorite coffee mug. This is a #tbt of the time I was featured with a mug that means a lot to me. Click on the link to visit Monarch Jewelry and read all the MugShot Monday posts, you’ll meet some fabulous creatives and stunning jewelry pieces like the ones I am wearing here!