Here are some of my #InstaLove for this week. They all have something in common…Father’s Day is the main message.

Father's _Day_instalove_collage_wld_editedFrom left to right: @marissanaples shares an awesome watch for those fathers that are pilots, engineers or avionics enthusiasts & watch collectors / @thelvguide has a great gift guide for fathers with style (I love this gift guide) / @riflepaperco is a shop I go to every time am in the area and they have cards, books and gifts available from @scoutseattle go and check them out, super cool! / @saraerose is a gal I have been following since I started my Instagram account she is very transparent and lovable. Here she shares one of the most important things I believe everyone should keep in mind this upcoming father’s day, spend time with that man in your life that you love deeply. Cherish every minute, specially the walk in faith a couple like them (and like my husband and I) are doing together. / Audrey from @urbanic made the most beautiful window display ever with a very masculine vibe, love!


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  1. I haven’t bought anything for my husband yet and the day is quickly approaching! Thanks for these great ideas and inspiration for Father’s Day.

    • You are very welcome, I did too! I have a great idea of what to get my husband.

    • Good for you! I can’t buy a gift too early, I suck at keeping them for too long without giving it away.

    • So true, Lex. I will keep that in mind. Techies are cool too and should be included in the gift guide. Thanks for your comment.

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