A couple of years ago I started choosing a word for the year. I would normally create a board with the word I have chosen and images that inspires that particular word. In my kitchen I have a chalkboard for quick notes and I write my word in there too so I can see it constantly. The goal, for me, is to have accessible sight to the word I have chosen and things that reminds me “why” I chose that word.

Intentional #wordoftheyear / by Wanda Lopez Designs - blogIntentional…is my word for 2016.

Why intentional? When I was diagnosed with cancer, about twelve years ago, my oldest daughter was 2 years old. I quit my job because I didn’t know how much time I had left and I wanted to spend as much quality time with her as I could. With a full heart I can say I have been blessed. Over a decade has gone by and I am doing good and loving life.

Always with the thought of caring for my “now” two girls I have been trying a couple of things to create an income from home. Thankfully my husband has been an amazing provider and can cover the main expenses in our home. I am very creative and can make just about anything with my hands. From delightful cakes & desserts to sewing.

Intentional #wordoftheyear / by Wanda Lopez Designs - blog

With so many things going on in life distraction can sneak in without much notice. This year I want to be more intentional in my spiritual life, the time I have with my daughters and husband, the time I get to spend with my parents (they live in Puerto Rico and I don’t), the time I spend with friends (make it count), create a working schedule that everyone respects (including me). Intentional on how I spend my time and money, how I choose to walk and how I can use my online presence to inspire and empower other women. Intentional on the designs I create for my business and how functional they are for a daily living, on the go lifestyle.

I want to hear from you, have you chosen a #wordoftheyear? What is it and why did you chose that word for 2016?

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  1. I feel so identified with you! I had a similar health issue 10 years ago that changed my whole focus in life. Those experiences are life changing and defining. Intentional is the perfect word to define how we should face every day and every activity we do in our daily time. Right now I’m in a coffee house on my own celebrating with a Chia Thai Tea a milestone I just accomplish in my professional career….and I have work this intentionally! And yes, we should enjoy our parents, family and friends. Thank you for this! I want to get to know you more. Your story is so similar to mine….including my parents living in Puerto Rico!!

    • Mayra, thank you so much for your sweet comment. I wish we could meet and drink a Chia Thai Tea together. But for now, I’ll grab a tea from here and cheer with you for you accomplishment. Now you have a new friend in Florida!

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