Mother’s Day for me isn’t just one day. My husband and girls spoil me tremendously year round. This year is no different. But, every time Mother’s Day comes around I have a different list of items am loving at the moment.


Chevron Leather Tote in Gray / Cute Ceramic Coffee Mug for Mom Mom, I Love You Thiiiiiis Much / Diptyque Vanille Scented CandleSucculent Arrangement in Small Stone Bowl / KAANAS SHOES Pharoh Metallic Espadrille / Stella & Dot Stella & Dot Adelina Cuff / Metallic Double Bar Layered Necklace

Here are some of my favorite Mother’s Day gifts!

A large tote that carries all my essentials and more. A coffee mug from my girls that makes me smile every time I grab it to enjoy my morning coffee. Vanilla is one of my favorite scents and when I get this candle going the entire house is taken by the sweet aroma. Succulents are so cute. In fact I am making some gifts for my (mom) friends that I’ll share with you later. Very low maintenance plants, what’s not to love about them?

Summer sandals are always a must, specially if you live in Florida or another year round warm weather place. Jewelry seems to always find its way around my lists, I love accessories. Like this (Stella & Dot) cuff and a double bar layered necklace. All I need now is a cute dress to go with them.

What is in your Mother’s Day list for this year? Any special plans? Share with me.



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  1. These are wonderful ideas! I can get the tote and fill it with the rest of the items for Mother’s Day. Love it!

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