It’s often said that plaids and stripes do not mix, but really; stripes go with everything, including plaids. In fact, prints are pretty mixable across the board. Take some tips in consideration; like match colors, not print.

Plaid and Stripes {what she's wearing} #fashion Wanda Lopez Designs

You can match these two very different patterns together successfully! Make sure the stripes and plaids are around the same size; this means: big stripes with big plaid and small stripes with small plaid. If you decide to wear two striped items, make sure they are different in size (thick and thin).

Bigger and bolder patterns are definitely going to make you look bigger and the horizontal patterns are going to give off a wider look, while the vertical patterns are going to give off the taller, thinner appearance. I try to stay away from the horizontal stripes since I am normally juggling with my weight.

Plaid and Stripes {what she's wearing} / #WLdesigns

Forget everything you think you know about stripes and plaid. Not only do they stand out when worn on their own, but they also make a perfect mixed-print combo when paired together or with other prints. Have fun with plaid and stripes!






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    • Thank you Paloma, mixing patterns is a great way to show your style to others. Have fun with patterns!

  1. Este fin de semana vi las faldas y estilo en mis tiendas favoritas, a mi no me quedan muy bien por la forma de mi cuerpo pero están lindas y los colores que combinan están perfectos, muchas gracias por la recomendación, un abrazo y

    ¡FELIZ DÍA!ॐ

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