31 Days of Simplicity

  • in HER shoes…

    Both my daughters are answered prayers, they are a real blessing.

    Even before I met my husband, I had already prayed for my daughter. I prayed she would be charming, sweet and super girly. That she would have skin in a beautiful tan color, curly hair, big bright eyes. That we were going to be the best friends ever. I even had her named picked up! When she was born and I had the first opportunity to look at her eyes I felt a connection, like if we were having a conversation without any words, it was really magical. (more…)

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  • Take a deep BREATH


    Once in a while we must stop and take a deep breath.

    Today I spent some time with a very remarkable lady. She reminded me of how simple it is to sometimes stay still and take a deep breath. Taking a deep breath once in a while, (or more often if needed) is all you need to regroup your thoughts. (more…)

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  • Be an Angel

    Have you ever had that moment when you are just feeling like if the world has fallen on top of you? You may have felt worthless, lonely, fat, ugly… Come on, I’m not alone on this one. We all have felt sadness, discouragement and fear at some point in our lives.

    I know I have. When I was first diagnosed with cancer and the doctors told me that my surgery had to be as one of an open heart because of the location of the tumor; my first reaction was “will it show a scar?” Well it does show and even though that scar reminds me of the blessing it is to be alive, it also makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. My self esteem is not low, not at all. Don’t get me wrong. I am a very cheerful and happy person. (more…)

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