31 Days of Simplicity

  • Words of life…

    Today I have been going through some deep soul searching. Maybe it’s because I am seeing some changes going on around. Nothing to worry about, but still changes.


    Or maybe, it has been because I am intentionally soul searching due to a blog I have been reading lately. A new friend has been going through some health challenges due to a horseback riding accident she had months ago. This accident left her with both of her legs broken, some head concussions that has caused short loss memories and many bruises and cuts. (more…)

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  • 31 Days of Simplicity



    This word has many meanings, but when I looked it up on Wikipedia I found that one of the meanings was: Simplicity is the state or quality of being simple”. Who wants to be “simple”? No one that I know of, but for me simplicity is not a state of being simple, but the ability of finding joy in your everyday! (more…)

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