• Book Love

    As you all know by now, I have a passion for sewing and I enjoy baking. But, I also love to read. In fact reading was the first passion I discovered. Baking came next and sewing was discovered by surprise. God has a unique way of connecting each of us with our purpose by showing us our talents during different phases in our lives.

    I can remember vividly going to my room while growing up in Boston and seating on a nook with many comfortable pillows and my favorite book (of the time). My mom still shares stories of me spending hours taken by a certain book. I love hearing her stories, they bring such fond memories. Book-Love-WLdesigns

    Amongst the many things I wish to share with you are the books I come (or have came) across with that are worth sharing. I will do my best to choose one book per month and share with you why is it a great book, and why I recommend you to get a copy and dig in it.

    The first book will make its appearance next week, so please stay tuned and come check out my Book Love of the month!

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  • Alexia Tote {canvas and leather tote}

    Women wear many hats, specially if you are a mom. I am a care taker, driver, chef, nurse, teacher, coach, cheerleader and take on many more roles when it comes to my girls and family. This is without saying anything about running a business and taking care of myself. You see? Many, many hats!

    I made this tote to help me cover some of the many hats I wear. This canvas and leather tote is called Alexia Tote after my baby girl, (her middle name).


    One of the things I do year after year is volunteer in my girls schools, including chaperoning on some field trips. This is a season in their lives that I don’t want to miss out on. I am chaperoning a field trip to the Science Museum next month and needed a tote where I could keep my iPad, phone, snack (many snacks), water bottles and some essentials for the trip.


    I love how the canvas and the leather looks together. This Alexia Tote has beautiful bright colors, which are perfect for the Spring and Summer seasons. It is not only pretty to the eye, but the materials are sturdy enough to help this tote keep a nice shape. You’ll find three open pockets inside and plenty of room to keep your essentials and many of your favorite items. I love this tote and can’t wait to run my errands in style. You can too, because the Alexia Tote is now available in the shop (click on the link to go to Wanda Lopez Designs Etsy shop).

    Hope you love our Alexia Tote as much as I do. I want to hear from you, please leave me a comment with your thoughts on this super cute Alexia Tote.

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