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Grow Your Business

Time to get your creative brand adored, not ignored. In a sea of noisy offers, too-many-tabs and overwhelming inbox-city it is easy to get overwhelmed and lost.

I got you my friend!

Who it’s for:
For all creative entrepreneurs that wants to get their hands on all the freebies we have to offer!

What’s included:
Gain clarity, focus, and confidence in growing the business of your dreams. In here you’ll have access to simple marketing tips, how-to guides, free downloads, and more. You’ll acquire great tools that you’ll be able to implement in your business and life today.

Blossoming Creatives

Is a membership for artists and designers who come together and learn how to start a creative career, show their work online and get seen by the brands and clientele they want to work with. While you have tried a few courses and learning experiences, you are ready to take things to the next level!

Investment $24 monthly


Who it’s for:
This membership is for all creatives, artists, surface pattern designers, illustrators, bloggers, strategists and entrepreneurs. This is an intimate and exclusive group of brilliant creatives with a unifying purpose to make their businesses thrive. This is for you!

What’s included:
Weekly content including actionable steps on how to get your site, blog and social media started. You’ll learn marketing and SEO techniques that will get your site seen in the middle of the sea of content in the net. You will also have access to photography tips and tricks I’ve learn throughout the years and stock images you can use anywhere you want. And so much more!

1-1 Creative Call

If you are like me when I started my business, You need someone to break down each part of the process in a simple to understand, easy-to-implement way that will give you real growth & results. I’m not promising overnight results. Growing a creative business will develop over time. But through your creative offering or product and my experience and skills, you’ll be growing weekly and be amazed at what we can create together!​

Investment $97 / 1-hour video call


Who it’s for:
Any brand new or veteran small creative business with a website or looking to start one (including social media platforms). I have worked with: bloggers, social media specialists, photographers, artists, wedding planners, authors, food brands, travel brands, car brands and the hospitality industry.

What’s included:
A 1 hour call -all-inclusive marketing and business experience designed to make your business thrive. We’ll go over your site, social media accounts and discuss your business goals. A recording of our call to watch as many times as you wish and detailed call summary with suggested changes in writing. Think about it as homework for your business.

(The option to add on follow-up calls for accountability and progress check-ins)

I’m combining 10 years of experience in digital marketing with my journey in becoming a lifestyle photographer, surface pattern designer, educator and online entrepreneur.

I offer that safe and inspiring environment, many creatives seek when starting out.

Read more kind words from clients

  • “I run a digitally based business. There is no office to welcome my clients, so I needed a place online that would represent me and my brand. Wanda has helped me position myself as a thoughtful, detail-oriented consultant that cares about the finer details. All of which has led to more people reaching out for my services. Thanks for all that you do!”

    – Sarel – Social Layers Media
  • “While starting my custom-design cake business, @untamedmane_, I was stuck on building a price sheet for my products and became frazzled with the business steps. Wanda came in and helped me narrow down the overhead costs, value and product story. I am glad we got to work together. Wanda doesn’t hold back on her knowledge and I appreciate it a lot. Knowing she is on my side to give me the extra push I need is priceless.”

    – Yisette – @Untamedmane_
  • “As we were starting our travel blog we had many questions and felt overwhelmed. Wanda was not only incredibly talented and professional, she also help our hand through the entire process from start to finish.”

    – Josiah & Ethan – Travel Bloggers

Choose your adventure!

Grow your business

Blogging is hard, starting an on online business is hard. And you are not alone. I’ll be talking about simple marketing and social media, art & photography tips, share how-to guides, free downloads, and lots of free content. For this part of your journey simply head over the Grow Your Business and blog sections! Shoot me an email if you can’t find what you’re looking for, I want to help!

Blossoming Creatives

Is a membership/community for artists and entrepreneurs who come together and learn how to start a creative career, share their work online and thrive in their business and life. Get marketing, SEO, photography tips, stock images you can use anytime-anywhere, and so much more. Join in and today. Lets run a business all while creating a brand.

1-1 coaching for creatives

If you are like me when I started my business, YOU need someone to break down each part of the process in a simple to understand, easy-to-implement way. You can find information on your own or let me help with an 1 hour call all-inclusive marketing & business experience designed to help your business thrive. Learn more about what’s included.

Grab your freebie!

Get started right away by taking control of your time and establish your content strategy today!

I promise you, this Editorial Calendar will bring clarity and narrow down hours of work! Get ready to dig deep into your purpose and goals.