1-1 Power Call
Creative Consulting Video Call

Expert website advice personalized for your creative business.

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Learn how to build you brand, scale your business, and leverage your content.

Business is never meant to be done alone. We all have so many questions along the way and I want to be of more service to you and get even deeper into helping you grow a thriving creative business in a simplified and easy way!

Are you ready for this?

I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating. When I first started blogging, sharing my recipes and food photography I went to countless conferences and heard time after time how speakers would hype about their online success without ever sharing how they did it. I didn’t want to hear a, “you can do it too”, I wanted actionable steps as to how I could make it happen

That’s why I offer a 1-1 power video call to all of my beautiful community of creatives that are looking for answers to their questions. All about how to get started, to how to get unstuck, to how to move forward.

Anything from simple marketing tips, keywords research, flat-lay photography to share on social media, branding, what to post and when (on the blog and social media) – and I’ll answer any questions you may have during our call. 

Sure, you could take an in-depth class on creating your website. You could spend hours becoming an SEO/coding/webmaster guru. Or, we could sit down for an hour or two and I will show you exactly where you can make small changes to your site.

I’ve helped hundreds of small creative businesses owners just like you change how their business is showing up and being perceived online.

What's included

 – 60 minute video call consultation to: 

Discuss your personal
branding goals


Define your idea-s, offering-s, service-s, and your overall blog from theme, to categories, to what to post and when to post it. 


Discuss social media platforms, caption ideas, keywords, hashtags, editorial calendar, plugins, basic business, marketing and SEO strategies to help your online business be seen by its ideal audience and/or brands. Basically, I’ll answer your business questions.


You will be getting a recording from our video call to refer to it as many times as you wish to, a detailed overview from our call  (with your questions answered) and you’ll get a list of action items in writing to make implementing our call simple. Homework! 

Yeah, you read right. I will send some easy tangible steps you can take this week to help improve and grow that business you’ve been dreaming of for so long. 

I’ll walk with you all the way.

Once you book a call I will send you steps to follow in order to make the most of our time together. As well as a workbook that includes a glossary of the most used SEO terms.

$197 / 60 minute 1-1 video call

$97 additional 45 minute (by request only or if our call goes over the 60 minutes)

$97- 1 month out / 45 minute (follow-up call)

What if the work you’ve put up on your website isn’t actually showing up for people on Google? 

What if a few simple things are keeping people from actually seeing what you have to share?

Make your site work for your business.

Once you establish your expertise in your field, your audience will begin to trust you, refer you, and buy from you!