I believe the world needs more whole-hearted creatives with a passion for running savvy businesses.

I help artists and bloggers craft brands that authentically reflect their heart with a simplified business approach.

No tech skills required!

You will also find me creating and sharing artwork inspired by my garden and surroundings.

I want to inspire you to be creative, to encourage you to stay curious, and to help you fall in love with your art, brand and style.


Hi friend! I’m Wanda, a combination of qualities – self-taught photographer, illustrator, educator, attention-to-detail-lover, and story teller. And all of these have lead me to some amazing business paths!

See that? I’m not just ONE thing, and I can bet neither are you!

My heart is fullest when surrounded by blooming flowers, creative people, brushes and lots of stationary in hand.

Simply put, I teach creatives to understand SEO basics and reach the right people online so they can lean into their calling and leave their foot prints in this world.

Shout out “YEAH” if you resonate with loving many things and owning many talents.

I see you my friend!


My ultimate goal is to equip you with the knowledge and resources you need to share your gifts with your community!

through attention-to-details and Simplified business strategies

You have gifts and talents to share

start your journey - visit some of the spots in here!

If you are like me when I started my business, YOU need someone to break down each part of the process in a simple to understand, easy-to-implement way. What I call the library is the blog space where I over topics like things you need to know when starting a new blog, social media, product styling tips, marketing tips. The library is always growing. Lean more about what’s inside.

Gain clarity, focus, and confidence in growing the business of your dreams in a sea of noisy offers, too-many-tabs and overwhelming inbox-city. Blogging is hard, starting on online business is hard. I’ll talk about simple marketing and social media, art & photography tips, share how-to guides, free downloads, and lots of free content. It’s time to get your creative brand adored, not ignored.

A membership for entrepreneurs who come together and learn how to start a creative career, show their work online and get seen by the brands and clientele they want to work with. While you have tried a few courses and learning experiences, you are ready to take things to the next level! Get marketing, photography tips, stock images you can use anytime-anywhere, and much more!

Read more kind words from clients

  • “I run a digitally based business. There is no office to welcome my clients, so I needed a place online that would represent me and my brand. Wanda has helped me position myself as a thoughtful, detail-oriented consultant that cares about the finer details. All of which has led to more people reaching out for my services. Thanks for all that you do!”

    – Sarel – Social Layers Media
  • “While starting my custom-design cake business, @untamedmane_, I was stuck on building a price sheet for my products and became frazzled with the business steps. Wanda came in and helped me narrow down the overhead costs, value and product story. I am glad we got to work together. Wanda doesn’t hold back on her knowledge and I appreciate it a lot. Knowing she is on my side to give me the extra push I need is priceless.”

    – Yisette – @Untamedmane_
  • “As we were starting our travel blog we had many questions and felt overwhelmed. Wanda was not only incredibly talented and professional, she also help our hand through the entire process from start to finish.”

    – Josiah & Ethan – Travel Bloggers

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