For years I’ve been hustling and working like a mad woman without an actual productive workflow plan in sight. Crazy, right?

Then I realized I was working towards busyness instead of towards creating a business. Feels related? I hear you! I needed a productive workflow with purpose, intention, and a plan. An accurate plan that made sense and took me to a place where I felt happy instead of STUCK.

How to create a productive workflow, a schedule that helps you be more productive and intentional in your business. #business #scheduling #creativebusiness #biztalk

I’m probably pushing some buttons on you right now. That’s cool, in fact that’s exactly what I want, to bring you into a place of identifying what you are doing and if it’s working or not (for you and your business goals). Let’s start by manifesting what you want your life to look like, where you are right now, and identify what is not working. Finally share with you how to create a productive workflow.

For me it was the way I planned my day to day. My to-do-list looked like many pieces of paper tucked inside a planner, some sticky notes or notes on my handbag scattered everywhere. On several occasions I would make a very important note that could be a tip for my business or a potential blog post topic and then I would forget where I wrote it. Yikes! That drove me bananas.

A big turning point in my life and business was the opportunity to organize my work schedule. I wanted a productive work schedule, something that helped me get a lot of things done and could maximize the hours in my day.

I wanted to own my time. Have designated working hours, time to cook with my girls, help them with homework, be present for their conversations and have time for date nights with my husband. Being present became my number #1 my goal, taking control of my schedule was the key to it. Growing a business with intention was my ultimate dream.

Create a Work Productivity Plan

That’s when I decided to play around and create a “work productivity” plan and strategy that covered all my needs and wants. For example; I usually wake up at 6:30-7:00 am and would end work by 3-4:00 pm. I have about nine hours to work with.

This has to include time for breakfast, time to make shakes, lunch, walks (I do an active activity daily), time for a call with a client, creating content, taking stock images, editing my images, creating products, taking a course, time for traveling to a conference, and so on.

NOW, not everything happens on the same day. I’ll be sharing with you other tips on staying on task with your work schedule.

For now, I want you to write down what needs to get done for your business and start spreading it on a weekly and monthly basis. Then, take each day and arrange it according to the time you have allocated for work. Maybe it’s the time your kiddos are in school. That’s how my day mainly works.

It’s time to move out of that rut and make things happen for you and the life you have always wanted. Let’s regroup on what needs to get done:

  • What tool-s are you going to use to keep organized? Digital or on paper. Maybe it’s a planner.
  • What are your business goals for this year?
  • What needs to get done?
  • Divide it on a monthly basis.
  • Take those monthly items and divide them on a weekly basis.
  • Now divide them into daily tasks.
  • Allocate three main tasks per day you’ll be working.

Keep Your Work Schedule – Real

  • When assigning daily tasks keep in mind the REAL TIME you have available. Including time slots. Let’s say 8-9am, 9-10am and so on.
  • Stick to your plan as best as possible and make arrangements as needed. Some days I have to put a few tasks on hold and work extra hard the next day, or work while the girls sleep.
  • Know your body, identify what works for you and don’t dismiss your needs. Your body needs a healthy “you” in order to be the most productive.

Let’s get some conversation going! Please tell me I’m not the only one that was rambling through the day being busy, feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, unproductive and at times like a failure. Specially when others you follow are sharing their success, sharing amazing products, and pictures of the lifestyle you have been dreaming off. Been there, done that!