Hello friend!

Whether we are just meeting for the first time or old friends, chances are I’m going in to give you a big (virtual) hug. I promise we’ll spend the next hour chatting and laughing about life, business, and even my crazy little pup, Pandora. So, feel free to grab your coffee (or tea) and keep scrolling to get to know me a little bit better!

I’m Wanda, a creative at heart. SEO/Business Strategist, Photographer, Educator and Illustrator. When I started my business I could’ve used the help of a mentor to explain the do’s and don’t-s about a creative business.

Creative entrepreneurship fires me up. I believe everyone has gifts and talents to share. Starting with my daughters. My youngest has shown an entrepreneur heart since she was 5 years old, selling her drawings to her friends in school and then bracelets made out of ribbons. They are both always coming up with products to sell. They always amazes me with their ideas.


When I’m not helping creatives like you grow their business you will find me creating collections with pen and paper, in Illustrator or my iPad with Procreate or Adobe Draw. I have an eye for details and love for personal touches. Fashion, texture, flowers and textiles inspires me. I love designing. You’ll find lots designs with this combination in my portfolio (coming soon).


Giving back is in my heart and I couldn’t do what I do without thinking about blessing others.

MY BELIEF IN LIFE IS SIMPLE: Be real, be kind, follow your talent, create from your heart, focus on what matters most and slow down to enjoy life. That’s what I’m all about, and that’s my vision when I design, teach and write.

MY BELIEF IN BUSINESS: Business is best when done surrounded by a creative and like minded community. In fact, I couldn’t do half the things I do without my beautiful community. You are not alone, I am here to help you during your first steps in business or to give you that extra push you are seeking.

I can help you take the next step to your business goals. Shoot me an email, I’m here for you!

I've been there!​

If you are like me when I started my business, You need someone to break down each part of the process in a simple to understand, easy-to-implement way that will give you real growth & results.

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If you are like me when I started my business, YOU need someone to break down each part of the process in a simple to understand, easy-to-implement way. What I call the library is the blog space where I over topics like things you need to know when starting a new blog, social media, product styling tips, marketing tips. The library is always growing. Lean more about what’s inside.

Gain clarity, focus, and confidence in growing the business of your dreams in a sea of noisy offers, too-many-tabs and overwhelming inbox-city. Blogging is hard, starting on online business is hard. I’ll talk about simple marketing and social media, art & photography tips, share how-to guides, free downloads, and lots of free content. It’s time to get your creative brand adored, not ignored. 

A membership for artists and entrepreneurs who come together and learn how to start a creative career, show their work online and get seen by the brands and clientele they want to work with. While you have tried a few courses and learning experiences, you are ready to take things to the next level! Get marketing, photography tips, flat-lay tips and tricks for artists, and so much more!

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