• Thank You!

    I want to thank you all for a wonder first year of blogging and trying new things. Challenging myself is one the things I love most and while I learn I enjoy sharing with you all my ups and downs in anything I’m reaching out to do. One of my passions is to inspire others to be the best they can ever be, daily.


    I want to give a big shout out to Heather from River and Bridge for her beautiful heart and believing in me. She was sweet enough to make my business cards and labels as a gift and has taught me the first business lessons I have learned. The first one is to be grateful for what God has given you and give back to others that are either starting or lost along the way. I was both, starting and lost. Thank you Heather for always being there when ever I need you. You rock!

    Heather is an amazing graphic designer, she offers custom work and also has a shop on Etsy, (River and Bridge)please go visit and check her out!


    Always keeping in mind that without God we accomplish nothing and what we have is meant to be shared. Share love, share knowledge, give back, help others, be grateful and you’ll see God’s grace over you and everything you ever accomplish.

    A big a warm hug to each and everyone that not only believes in me, but also prays for me and cheers me on. Thank you all! Have a wonderful 2014 and may all the desires of your heart come true!

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