valentine’s day

  • gift guide for your bff

    Valentines Day is coming up and your BFF deserves a treat. Do you have a girlfriend in mind that has been with you during good & not so good times? I do. She definitely deserves a “you are an amazing friend” gift.

    Here a couple of gift ideas you’ll both love. You will want to get two of each, one for your BFF and one for you!A gift guide for your BFF. Your best friend wants this items, get them for her and an extra set for you. Happy Valentines Day / by Wanda Lopez Designs #lifestyleblog (more…)

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  • His & Hers Valentine’s Gift Guide

    Valentine’s Day is everyday in my book. I love my girls and my husband, my family and friends. Spending time with them is one of my biggest joys.

    If you are wondering what to get your special someone here are a couple of my picks. This curated collection of His and Hers items can give you a hint of what you may want or what your honey may enjoy.

    His and Hers Valentine's Day Gift Guide / curated collection of items our love one wants for Valentine's Day / by Wanda Lopez designs - blog #giftguide #ValentinesDay (more…)

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