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Art & Photography tips & tricks

You are an artist or designer that dreams of a creative career. Are you feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? Then this is the space for you. All creative souls are welcome! I’m a self-taught artist, so I know exactly what you’re going through! Whether you’re craving a job change to something more creative and hands-on, want to showoff your beautiful work on social media and be seen by the brands and clientele you dream of working with, or simply need guidance getting started, know that I hear you and got you! I provide you with the education, confidence, and community you deserve!

Grow your Social Media

Have you been looking at all the social media platforms available, feel overwhelmed by the choices and have no idea where to start or which one to focus on? Let’s talk about how to go from giving-in to the social media popularity contest and stressing about serving the algorithm overlords – to owning your influence, sharing a snapshot of the life you already love, and building your profitability through organic followers and real engagement. All in the platform of your choice!


I believe in making the business work FOR you, not the other way around. In here I talk about time management, how to start a blog, samples of what to post, easy SEO techniques that can help your content be seen faster, how to build a solid – no-sweat email list strategy and simple marketing tools and tactics you can implement in your business.

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Ever wonder how to get a blog started? Here is a simple checklist (because, who doesn’t love a good-old checklist, right?) to follow along as you get your blogging journey started! Go from dreaming to doing. Build a successful business and have fun doing it!

Fortified with years of experience (I never preach what I haven’t practiced!). With branding and marketing skills crafted to suit your right where you’re at. Closing the gap between creating content and creating a company. Helping you build out a powerful, personalized strategy.


It’s like a library, except cutter and fun! Where I share my biz growth and results I’m getting in real time, free mini-trainings on how I use the internet, the 411 on all my current obsessions, fresh off the press digital marketing tips and tricks, and behind-the-scenes snapshots of my weird, wonderful life.

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  • “I run a digitally based business. There is no office to welcome my clients, so I needed a place online that would represent me and my brand. Wanda has helped me position myself as a thoughtful, detail-oriented consultant that cares about the finer details. All of which has led to more people reaching out for my services. Thanks for all that you do!”

    – Sarel – Social Layers Media
  • “While starting my custom-design cake business, @untamedmane_, I was stuck on building a price sheet for my products and became frazzled with the business steps. Wanda came in and helped me narrow down the overhead costs, value and product story. I am glad we got to work together. Wanda doesn’t hold back on her knowledge and I appreciate it a lot. Knowing she is on my side to give me the extra push I need is priceless.”

    – Yisette – @Untamedmane_
  • “As we were starting our travel blog we had many questions and felt overwhelmed. Wanda was not only incredibly talented and professional, she also help our hand through the entire process from start to finish.”

    – Josiah & Ethan – Travel Bloggers

It is possible to create and grow a thriving business without sacrificing your family time. I'll show you how!

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