• Thank You!

    I want to thank you all for a wonder first year of blogging and trying new things. Challenging myself is one the things I love most and while I learn I enjoy sharing with you all my ups and downs in anything I’m reaching out to do. One of my passions is to inspire others to be the best they can ever be, daily.


    I want to give a big shout out to Heather from River and Bridge for her beautiful heart and believing in me. She was sweet enough to make my business cards and labels as a gift and has taught me the first business lessons I have learned. The first one is to be grateful for what God has given you and give back to others that are either starting or lost along the way. I was both, starting and lost. Thank you Heather for always being there when ever I need you. You rock!

    Heather is an amazing graphic designer, she offers custom work and also has a shop on Etsy, (River and Bridge)please go visit and check her out!


    Always keeping in mind that without God we accomplish nothing and what we have is meant to be shared. Share love, share knowledge, give back, help others, be grateful and you’ll see God’s grace over you and everything you ever accomplish.

    A big a warm hug to each and everyone that not only believes in me, but also prays for me and cheers me on. Thank you all! Have a wonderful 2014 and may all the desires of your heart come true!

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  • Joyful reminder…

    Kids are full of joy. Our baby girl told me one morning, “Mom, I am good at so many things”. She talks with such confidence. She says that the only thing she is not good at it whistling, too funny!

    Her words kept me thinking all day about how I approach things. Boy, do I need to change that! Sometimes life kicks me so hard that I forget that Christ is in me and that I have all it takes to be good at many things too. I am so grateful of that little angel that God used that morning to give me a message I so desperately needed to hear.

    joyful-reminder-wandalopezdesignsI have a journal on my night table where I write down any thought, message from a friend, words of life from the many creative women I follow on Instagram (on social media), or a word that comes from my heart (from God). That journal has been visited many times lately and has helped me express my feelings and thoughts. Do you have a special notebook where you write down at times?

    shine-on-joyful-reminder-wandalopezdesignsNow, tell me something. What is holding you back? What is that thing you are doubting you are good at? I am praying for that thing that is holding me back, I want to go past it and prove it wrong. I can be good, I am good and I will succeed. So will you. Let me pray for you.

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  • Fit for resting

    This weekend has been absolutely beautiful. With the perfect fall weather. That cool breeze that makes you want to walk in a beautiful park for hours and then enjoy a wonderful cup of hot cocoa. I love cool weathers, I love changes in the seasons.

    Fit-for-resting-wandalopezdesigns (more…)

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  • Simplicity finale

    Today we are concluding this 31 days series of simplicity. This series has impacted my heart tremendously. I have dug deeply and found some weak points that needed to be taken care of and some stronger areas that made me realize that I have been learning something from life.


    I’m loving this new journey I’m on (a journey my entire house is on), that lets me create new things. The fact that people are actually liking and getting the handbags is humbling to me. Thank you very much!

    I must confess that at times I have felt like giving up. For many reasons. Like no idea of what to blog about, or a lack of creativity to make more pieces or even a slow time on the shop. If I see that things aren’t selling I would start second guessing myself and God’s purpose in me. But, as soon as I realize where my heart is leading to, I take a deep breath and remember the “why” I do what I do, (and for who).

    I pray for open doors and the possibility and ability to impact many women (many people), through out this creative business. The ability to change lives, to inspire creative minds, to offer jobs, to give someone the push they need to multiply their talents and make a business of their own. Ephesians 2:10.

    31-Days-of-Simplicity-live-dream-be-grateful-give-laugh-wandalopezdesignsOne of the best ways to resume this simplicity series may be by encouraging you all to make things that matters happen, create something new everyday (or as often as possible) and inspire someone. You are all simply precious and I want to thank you all for believing and encouraging me to keep on going. 1 Peter 2:9.

    Thank you for following this 31 Days of Simplicity series. I pray that it may bring you joy and encourage your heart to follow your dreams. Taking simple steps, one day at a time!

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