The Influence Network is an online community I love and recommend everyone to go and check it out (link provided so you can easily visit their site). I believe the internet is a tool and we all choose how to make use of it, I want to make the best use possible and so does The Influence Network’s team and members. “The Influence Network is for creatively minded women, who are looking for an uplifting community where they can be encouraged and also resourced to make their online lives mean something.” words from the influence network’s site.

sunshinestatemeetup-wandalopezdesignsPerfect ending at Rifle Paper Co.

Some amazing ladies (Megan, Rachel and Carrie – thank you ladies) organized a meet-up close to home in Central Florida and I immediately jumped on it and said, “yes, I’ll attend”. There was no doubt in my heart that this was meant to be. A meetup with ladies I have never met before, but knew we were all connected by a powerful love for Christ. Wait a minute, ladies I have never met before?, maybe is not such a good idea. I started doubting my spontaneous agreement of attending. If you know me, or don’t, you must know that I am naturally an introverted person. I am charming and chatty when I feel comfortable, but initially I am shy. I wasn’t very sure about attending a meet-up with 15-20 ladies I didn’t personally know.

sunshinestatemeetup-wandalopezdesigns-2014right side from front to end: Carrie, Rachel, me
left side from end towards the front: Lisa, Melinda and Lisbeny

I started to pray for peace in my heart, because I knew this meet-up was meant to happen and little by little I felt very comfortable with the thought of attending and was very excited too. That morning I got up really early and took care of some arrangements I had to finish before leaving the house. I made it to the place arranged for the brunch. Before getting out of the car I prayed for God’s grace and favor with this ladies and for His words be spoken through me. I wanted to feel that everything was organic and not that we were trying too hard to please each other. That is just how it was. We had an amazing time. Everyone in our table shared their story (part of their story) and we all felt a chemistry amongst each other. I loved every minute of it and can’t wait to spend time with them again.

sunshinestatemeetup-brunch-wandalopezdesigns-2014Brunch at Briar Patch

That is what God does, He connects us with women with the same heart as His and creates a wider and stronger net. I urge you to visit The Influence Network, get connected and let God transform your life into an influence for many.

sunshinestatemeetup-stationary-shop-wandalopezdesigns-2014Rifle Paper Co. window display

After a very tasty and heart filling lunch and chat we headed to get more goodness at Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen where we met even more amazing people. The afternoon ended at a very lovely stationary shop, Rifle Paper Co. Where else? We are all creative women and love paper (and other goodies). I am very thankful for every new friendship that was created and for The Influence Net for starting the ripple effect, an influence ripple effect.