Our store is getting ready for new and exciting products. But, before we introduce them, we must clear our inventory a bit. There is a special handbag that we have in stock that is on sale at the moment. It’s our Sasa Bag in Snakeskin fabric. You can look it up on our etsy shop for more specific details. The dimensions of the Sasa Bag is: 16″ Wide / 5″ Base / 12″ Height / Double Suede Strap. It’s a great size bag for us busy women.

This bag has a great variety of purposes. It is insulated which makes it perfect to keep items chilled. Get the hint? It’s great as a lunch or treats bag. It also has a waterproof lining, perfect for lunch and also for those kids bottles, another hint… diaper bag.

The Sasa Bag is a great size, it is sturdy and modern. A great diaper bag, a unique and classy lunch/treats bag. Plus, you can carry your personal items on either one of the 2 open inside pockets on each side of the bag. Loving it already?


The sale is taking place on our Instagram page. If you haven’t followed yet, we encourage you to do so. Go to Instagram and look us up; @wandalopezdsgn.

The rules are as follows, you must enter your paypal email in order to let us know that you wish to purchase a bag. There are only 3 available. Yay! Only 3! The sale price is $35 per bag with a $5 charge for US Shipping. A great value!

What? You don’t have an Instagram account and want to get your hands on this amazing bag? No worries, if you leave a comment on this blog post telling me that you want one of the bags available, we can definitely work with you. You must be fast, though!!!


Once you leave your paypal email I will send you an invoice and contact you so you know what’s next. Once the invoice is sent, there is a 24 hour window to pay for the handbag. If you miss to pay within the 24 hour time frame the next person on the list will be contacted for the purchase of the bag. This sale ends on Saturday, August 24, 2013. Don’t miss out and go right now and get your hands on a Sasa Bag!

Note: All sales are final!

I want to thank you in advance for supporting my small shop and believing in my product as much as I do. You are not only supporting a small shop, you are supporting a family. Thank you!