With a passion of creating fun, stylish and functional bags for the everyday woman. I want to design bags for all kinds women, from the busy business woman to the stay-at-home mom.

I love to add to my collection a really stylish, good quality piece that will spice up any outfit. We have found that a great way to carry your most personal items is in a wristlet. That is where our brand new Tuxedo Wristlet comes in. It is a piece that makes a statement. It’s an elegant Black and White pattern accessory bag with a touch of color that goes across the wristlet.

There are four amazing colors in our collection. Pomegranate, Grape, Lemon and Tangerine. Very fruity, right? We are loving our juicy colors.

ImageTop left: Tuxedo Wristlet Tangerine – Top right: Tuxedo Wristlet Lemon

Bottom left: Tuxedo Wristlet Pomegranate – Bottom right: Tuxedo Wristlet Grape

Ladies, this is a great bridesmaid gift too! If you like them send me an email and we can customize your bridesmaid wristlets with your wedding color! Awesome!!!

Our Tuxedo Wristlet is the prefect size to carry those items that you don’t want lose inside your carry all bag. It’s also perfect for back to school, we have learned that teens love to carry their personal items in style and that is exactly what this wristle is. I have found myself using it a lot for those runs to the store, or the farmers market, a night out to town and while going for a walk with my friends. Love being stopped and get the question, “Love your bag, where did you get it?“. Sometimes where I’m on the go, I don’t necessary want to carry my big bag and that is the perfect time to just pull out the Tuxedo Wristlet with my cash or card (wallet), phone, keys and still feel stylish.

Want to know more? The Tuxedo Wristlet measures 10 1/2″ wide and 5″ height. It has a leather strap that has been attached to the zipper pull and can be easily removed if you ever wish to. I have included an open pocket inside 6″ opening that fits your cell phone perfectly to make it super accessible.

You can find more photos and information in our shop, Wanda Lopez Designs. All of our bags are carefully handcrafted with extra care and attention to details.

They are stunning, don’t wait, they will not last long!