This weekend has been absolutely beautiful. With the perfect fall weather. That cool breeze that makes you want to walk in a beautiful park for hours and then enjoy a wonderful cup of hot cocoa. I love cool weathers, I love changes in the seasons.

Fit-for-resting-wandalopezdesignsUnfortunately I have been in bed the entire weekend. I have some bad days a month were I can barely hold my own body. My family is so wonderful, they take good care of me. My oldest daughter treated me to some coffee and good magazines in bed. Plus, a beautiful flower arrangement from the Mr.

My husband in his attempt to keep the girls fed took them out to eat (except breakfast). He’s really good with the breakfast menu. But, the other meals are left to professionals.

Fit-for-resting-flowers-wandalopezdesingsBoth girls sat on the side of my bed most of the weekend just to keep me company. They are the sweetest girls! I am truly blessed. They show compassionate hearts and that brings joy to my life.

Being with my family brings life back to me no matter how sick I’m feeling and no matter how beautiful the day is outside. Plans can and do change from time to time and I’ve learned to embrace it to the fullest. Even if we have plans to spend the weekend a certain way and those plans gets altered, there is no other place I’ll rather be than exactly where I am…with my family.

Embrace your moment with changes and all!