On Sundays many families head over to church and have a nice community time with their friends and family members. Or like we like to refer to it as, church family.

I have a friend that I met years ago. We became friends, good friends, the kind of friendship that turns into sisterhood. The friendship that allows you to hug for minutes and with no words said be able to express ourselves. That is a rare and magical friendship and I am glad we have it. That is also called doing life together.

Our pastor is constantly encouraging us to do community life, this idea is so inspiring. But what happens when you realize its hard, messy? We tend to close off.

We need one another to inspire and encourage us to be better. The only way doing community life can become less messy or hard is to dive into one anothers messes. We will all come out stronger, together.

31-Days-of-Simplicity-commuity-wandalopezdesignsSometimes you find yourself telling your story to many people at many different times that you come to assume everyone around you already knows it. But, that is rarely the case. We had a guest speaker today, she is a member of the church. She was sharing a part of her life with us today. By her doing this she gave us a little glimpse into her family and made us a part of it too. That is community living. Being able to know what others are going through or how they are hurting so we can all come together and help.

It is so beautiful when those moments, testimonies, messages and hugs intertwine with community life and become one strong net. Simplicity comes by making the moment count. Simplicity comes by doing community life. We can all become the best version of ourselves thanks to those around us and empower others to be the best version of themselves when we all welcome each other in.