My husband has been rushing me and the girls all day to get ready for a birthday party. His co-worker’s little girl was turning one year old. A precious little girl. The invitation was sent through evite. The party was from 2-6pm. But, since we had just gotten the evite, we still had to drive to the store and purchase a gift before heading to the party.

31-Days-of-Simplicity-party-wandalopezdesignsWe were rushing, hustling. Laughing, but still rushing. By this time it’s already 3:30ish and we are finally there. In front of the house. When, my husband says “Oh, something seems wrong, where are the cars?”. I started to laugh and laugh.

My question for him was, “Is the party today?”. For some reason it didn’t occur to me to ask him that earlier today. If you could see us going super fast in the store, paying, almost running out to get to this party and finally realized that it’s for next weekend. It was funny and some what frustrating.

Right there and then, we decided to turn that day into a family afternoon outing. It was one of the most simple afternoons we have spent together in a long time. Not thinking about anything, not paying attention to our devices, it was just us. It was fun. We went to a restaurant, blessed our meals, had a nice meal, played tic-tac-toe and joked about the party that wasn’t today.

31-Days-Simplicity-family-outing-wandalopezdesignsEvery family needs some simplicity time together. Weekends offer the best situations for this to be and that is exactly what we did today. A simple meal. A simple conversation. Lots of laughs and new memories were shared today.

Enjoy your weekend and make simplicity time with the family happen.