Both my daughters are answered prayers, they are a real blessing.

Even before I met my husband, I had already prayed for my daughter. I prayed she would be charming, sweet and super girly. That she would have skin in a beautiful tan color, curly hair, big bright eyes. That we were going to be the best friends ever. I even had her named picked up! When she was born and I had the first opportunity to look at her eyes I felt a connection, like if we were having a conversation without any words, it was really magical.

If you know us or ever get to meet us, you’ll see how alike we are. I always tell her that she is the better version of me. She has the most beautiful heart I’ve ever seen. She loves God, she is compassionate and caring. She is very creative too. She loves music, she’s into learning how to play the guitar and writing her own songs. It’s a working process, but she’s trying her best. That counts a lot. She helps around the house, by doing the dishes and sometimes the laundry.

Being a mom is the best job ever. I pray for my girls. I take care of them, while teaching them and modeling who I really am. One of the things I have always prayed for is to be able to be my daughters friend without losing the fact that I am their mother. I know they both look up to me and I don’t take that for granted. If I am ever to inspire a woman in this world, in this life, it would have to be my girls first. You can’t think about being an inspiration to people if you can’t start by inspiring your own kids.

31-Days-of-Simplicity-in-her-shoes-me-and-her-wandalopezdesignsToday I spent the entire day with my oldest daughter and we exchanged shoes. Yes, exactly how it sounds, we literary exchanged shoes. She wore my converse and I was wearing her sandals.

While spending the day with my daughter we talked about our passions, our dreams and what we are planning on doing to make them come true. We spoke about the part each of us play in each others lives. Hearing her is so emotional for me, because she sounds so much like me (even better). I would’ve given anything to have those conversations with my mom. Maybe that is why I am the way I am with both my girls. My expectations of what being “a mom is” are so big that I’m afraid life would go by and I won’t accomplish it all the way I wish to.

in-her-shoes-31-days-of-simplicity-wandalopezdesingsThis day was necessary for us. I am glad we did it, just the two of us. Sometimes all it takes is a simple day out, just the two of us to share our thoughts and hearts desires. It’s all about simplicity. Nothing complicated about sharing a lunch or window shopping with your kids while having some simple chats. Simple, but full.

She is growing up way faster than I thought. Being a part of what’s in her heart is priceless. I give thanks to God everyday for giving me the blessing of being her mamma and growing along her side. I am one proud mamma.