• Intentional, mid-year view

    I have been aiming for good photography, great social media, flawless writing, designing and making accessories everyone will love, take care of my girls, keeping the house tidy, being warm and welcoming with others, and on top of all of that take some time for myself. Ufff… I am tired already. Can you see the pattern? I was trying to be and do perfectly every area of my life, and yet had no defined intention.

    Intentional #wordoftheyear / Reviewing my word of the year half way throu the year / Be intentional in everything you do and why you do it! / by Wanda Lopez #wandalopezdesigns


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  • Do what you love!

    Last night I signed up for a class taught by Rebecca from Better Life Bags through The Influence Network. It was the first time I took a class through them and I loved it!

    The class was titled “From Crafty Girl to Handmade Business”. I felt very related to Rebecca throughout the class. Specially through the beginning of the class when she was sharing the first steps into a handmade business.

    Starting a small business is scary, tricky and overwhelming. My head is filled with countless questions. Like, is this what God wants me to do for years to come? Are the designs I create going to be loved by customers? Will they sell? How can I take it to the next level? How can I impact lives through my handbags? God I want to impact lives.

    I have to say that most of my questions were answered and my heart feels at peace. I always include God in every step I take and this is no different. Taking a step of faith means letting God direct my steps towards his purpose through the business. Letting Him lead my heart (and my passion) meet in a product that will take me places and open doors to sow seeds in His name. Simplicity in having faith, taking a leap of faith. Simplicity in doing what you love.

    31-Days-of-Simplicity-do-what-you-love-wandalopezdesignsI believe in doing what you love and doing it with passion. When you are doing what you love and God is the core, the foundation, there is a peaceful feeling in it all. Many hours of work and sweat are put in,but it is so worth it. Just the thought of the possibilities makes me giddy.

    What is in your heart? What is it that you desire to do? Is there a purpose that will give life to others?

    Let me pray for you, please leave a comment below, I want to pray for you and your hearts desires.


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  • Simple Prayer

    There is something special about simple prayers. Some people think that in order for a prayer to be effective it must be long and rich with words. I believe that a simple prayer is very effective and powerful.

    As soon as we get up, we thank God for such a blessing to be alive another day and be able to make a difference in someone. We send the kids to school with a prayer of protection and for them to have a good focus and learn new things.  We bless our food before we eat, we pray before going to bed. This are some of the times we (or people) pray during the day. Prayer is pretty much a conversation with God. Even though He knows it all, He likes to hear then coming us.

    31-Days-of-Simplicity-simple-prayer-wandalopezdesignsMy simple prayer today is; “God, thank you for giving me another day of life and be able to make better choices than I did yesterday. Thank you for caring for my girls and Mr. You always bring them back home safely and for that I am very thankful. Please, help me be a better listener and hear you when you are teaching me. Help me see better so that I can be aware of the things you show, specially those things that you don’t like about my character. Use me to reach out to those that need to hear from you or see you through me. I want to be able to make a difference.”

    This prayer is simple, but for me it is much more than that, it is full of emotion and power. You see, I am normally a shy person and I would not normally approach people for a conversation. I have pushed myself to do it, but it doesn’t come naturally. The moment that I see myself being fluent with someone and feeling comfortable about a conversation, it’s because God is in control. Those moments fills my heart with rejoice, because His plans are taking control, not mines.

    Some people say the opposite. They believe that I am outgoing and cheerful. I am, but I guess that it will depend on where I am and who’s the crowd. But, my first tenancy is to shy away.

    I am very thankful for this blog and the opportunity it brings me to reach out and introduce you to a simple prayer. Simplicity is also about our prayers and what those words mean for us. Words full of life. Simple prayer is not about knowing the entire bible and have bible verses memorized, simple prayer is a conversation you want to have with God. When you sit and tell Him about your day, (the good things and the bad things).

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