Have you ever had that moment when you are just feeling like if the world has fallen on top of you? You may have felt worthless, lonely, fat, ugly… Come on, I’m not alone on this one. We all have felt sadness, discouragement and fear at some point in our lives.

I know I have. When I was first diagnosed with cancer and the doctors told me that my surgery had to be as one of an open heart because of the location of the tumor; my first reaction was “will it show a scar?” Well it does show and even though that scar reminds me of the blessing it is to be alive, it also makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. My self esteem is not low, not at all. Don’t get me wrong. I am a very cheerful and happy person.

It just makes me feel like if people don’t look at me when we are talking, but instead they are looking at my scar. Sounds silly, it does and so I hide my scar as much as I possibly can. Some days I am more aware of the scar than others, but those are the days that a good angel always comes to the rescue. One of my girls or my husband will come and see me and say something like “oh mamma you look so pretty today”. That does the trick! The scar becomes second to nothing. God reminds me that it’s not about the scar, but about what He has done in my life (and is still doing).

I’m very appreciative of God’s mercy and grace over me. Thanks to Him I am alive today, hopefully making a difference.


I think we all have moments when we lack some self esteem or some energy. When are in desperate need of a boost (a push) to keep us going. I start praising my God for saving me and showing us the tumor on time and then my scar doesn’t seem such a big deal. I have been working on enjoying my body with scar and all. Sometimes I put some makeup over it and disguise it a bit. It’s that simple.

For some people this boost comes in the form of an angel. Those people that comes unexpectedly into your life and say just the right thing, just the right words. I refer to them as angels that speak words of life.

Today, I met the most adorable woman of TV. A TV Star! She is Christine Webb, Web Anchor of Central Florida News 13. I had the pleasure of meeting her at a lunch organized by the Professional Women of East Orlando. It was the first time I attended one of their meetups and I am so glad I did. The ladies that I met there are all sweethearts and professional women that want to connect and grow together as a strong community. Amazing group of ladies.


Christine brought some inspirational words. Words of life. She mentioned some phrases that I use daily with my girls, family and friends.

While she was sharing her beautiful testimony, she described a moment during her first attempt of completing an Ironman Triathlon a person walked towards her; and realizing that she was not only ill, but she was also struggling to finish, he gave her words of encouragement and asked her to promise that she would try again the next year.

A perfect example of simplicity. The words she received that day on that very moment when she was feeling her worst, were the most meaningful words she had gotten in a long time. We all have that opportunity to be an angel for someone in any given time. Be aware of your surroundings. It may be your work place, your own house, the walk to the store, a Sunday morning at church, be an angel to someone today and you’ll be impacting a person for years to come.

Listen, an Ironman Triathlon is no joke, not for the weak. She is a very strong woman. Even though God had equipped her with all she needed, those words from that angel were given to her so she could realize just how great she was doing.

Being unique and transparent, Christine showed her real self to the viewers on TV and even without noticing, she has been an angel for many of them. An angel for us today and many more people for years to come.

Christine, it was a true blessing meeting you today. You have a beautiful story. You are an inspirational woman. You rock!