31-Days-of-Simplicity-take-a-chance-today-wandalopezdesignsWow! This photo sums it up very well!

My heart has been filled with ideas and designs, but my fear has been my worst enemy. I start second guessing everything and end up putting myself down. By the time I do make good designs and worthy of being shown, I lack courage to do so.

A couple of nights ago I was reading a blog post that Whitney English wrote about “Lessons, Fears, & Random”, and felt so related to what her words were saying. Fear is our worst enemy.

I have prayed for this new business for a very long time. Years, to be exact. I know in my heart what the purpose is and “why” I do what I do. Designing handbags and hand sewing them is a beautiful creative gift and I praise God for being so generous with me. In order to honor Him I must take a chance and not only put the handbags out there, but put myself out there too. That is out of my comfort zone. Trust me!

Taking a chance for me is bigger than you may think, it represents a step closer to my purpose a step closer to someone that needs to hear my testimony (that has nothing to do with me, but with God’s mercy over me).

Not taking a chance means missing out in being a blessing to someone. Something I (we) can’t afford. Means interrupting the net and the ability to connect with someone that will then connect with another person and that other person to another and so on…until we are all a big net with one purpose. One end in mind. Glorify Him.

Are you taking any chances? Are you lacking some courage to take a step in faith and take a chance? Simplicity is around taking chances. Small steps at a time. Start by identifying what you wish to do and haven’t done yet. Why haven’t you taken a chance?

Take a chance today! I sure am. I love being around creative people and love seeing them flourish in their creative gift. I wish to one day be able to give back everything I’m learning and inspire others to do the same.