Simple beauty…

When I started brainstorming about designs that I wanted to create, some words came to mind. Words like: simplicity, timeless, elegant, chic, modern, girly and functionality. The handbags had to be functional. They had to be bags that I would use daily.

I am a very busy girl. I am “me”, a wife, a mom and the sole sewer for all the bags and simplicity matters. I wear many hats; I believe that has been mentioned on a previous post.

Don’t get me wrong, I admire elegance and have an appreciation of the finer things in life. But to me, beauty lies in simplicity.

Materials matter, elegance matter, hardware matters, presentation matters, customer service matters, details matter, simplicity matters.

Some of my handbags take more time to create than others, but they are all well thought out. When I create a bag, I take the sample and test it for a while before making more and adding it to the shop. I have made some bags that are very complicated to make and offered no more functionality than other bags I had made or could try to make. I value my time and always look for ways to be more productive with it. When something is taking way too much time, I take a step back and evaluate the process and the results. Most of the time, the most simple designs are the most loved by clients and become timeless designs.

My conclusion is that their is no need to go through a long process to get to a final result that can be most valuable on its simplest form.