One of the things that my husband makes most fun of is my lack of green thumb. My plants like staying at the nursery instead of being in my garden. We joke about it a lot, but he is not far from the truth. I lack a green thumb. The only plants that I can keep alive are Orchids. They are pretty forgiving.

I do love having flower arrangements around the house. They make every room feel alive. They make me happy. Plus, they have an advantage, when they start to wilt you just throw them away. No one expects you to keep them alive like the ones planted on pots.

Take a look at some arrangements I gathered for you today. They are all simply beautiful. If you are looking into making simple changes to your day and stay on a budget, I think you’ll love the idea of adding fresh flowers to your indoor decor.


Buy a bunch of your favorite flowers, put about one or three stems on each vase and spread them around the house in different vase sizes. They will make a nice statement and you’ll feel good to know that you did not brake the bank on centerpieces.

If you enjoy cooking as much as I do then you’ll love having herbs accessible. I always have herbs around. They do tend to die on me too. There is something about my style (wink, wink).

I enjoy how much impact a plant gives to a house. Specially if you can cook with them in mind. I also have some plants that are good for making Tea. Like Mint. My Tea making plants are the most I use and maybe for that same reason are also the ones I take most care of.

31-Days-of-Simplicity-fresh-herbs-wandalopezdesignsSome of the fresh herbs I keep on pots are Rosemary, Thyme, Basil, Parsley, Mint, Cilantro and a broadleaf plantain for Tea making. Another good thing about having fresh herbs are that they can be on my kitchen counter on pretty pots and make a decoration statement. If they die, well I get more. They are pretty inexpensive.

Simplicity can be added to our inside home decor in a fresh and pretty way. Plants, herbs, fresh flower arrangements. As simple as that. No green thumb, no worries!

My friend (and neighbor) loves sunflowers. She grows them in her garden and cuts a few to decorate her kitchen table. What are your favorite herbs? What are your favorite fresh flowers?