Today I have been going through some deep soul searching. Maybe it’s because I am seeing some changes going on around. Nothing to worry about, but still changes.


Or maybe, it has been because I am intentionally soul searching due to a blog I have been reading lately. A new friend has been going through some health challenges due to a horseback riding accident she had months ago. This accident left her with both of her legs broken, some head concussions that has caused short loss memories and many bruises and cuts.

But, it is her strength that has impacted me the most and that kind of the strength that you know only comes from God. Even though I have been through cancer with four surgeries and five tumors removed and I have been brave, strong and kept my good humor alive; I don’t know how much of that cheerfulness have I kept if I had to be in bed for a while and then promoted to a wheel chair until who knows when.

With that picture in mind, I want to know, do you soul search? Do you take some time to look around you and evaluate how you are doing things? How things are evolving around you? Are things evolving around you or are you just living a day by day kind of life? Well, I don’t want to live a day by day kind of life. I want to impact those around me. I want to make a change even with little things. I believe in words of life. Words are life.

Today I joined a group of bloggers on a Virtual Potluck for Christy Jordan from Southern Plate (she is the gal that had the accident that I mentioned earlier on the post). Go and read her blog, she writes beautifully and has a soul that can lift up an army. You can read more about the potluck through my food blog, My Sweet Zepol. Go and read about my recipe Mint Chocolate Espresso Pudding, it is rich and refreshing and has an espresso touch that gives good energy. While you are there you will be feasted with great dishes from other bloggers as well. It is a win-win situation.


One thing I have learned today after joining the potluck was that words have so much impact on people. For us putting this potluck together was a way of letting her know that she is a very special lady and that we all care for her. But, after reading some of her comments, I came to realize that for her the virtual potluck was more than a “hello, we are here for you”. It was an unexpected act of kindness, it was God telling her in His most amazing way that she is a special person and that what she has gone trough has a purpose. Has a meaning. Her testimony (her words) will give life. It is that simple!

Today, on my 31 Days of Simplicity series, I want to motivate you to think about your words and how they impact others around you. Simplicity!


This are the words of life that I gave my daughter when school started and last night she shared them with our home group. I wasn’t there, but trust me, if I would have been there I would’ve started to cry. What can I say, I’m that kinda mom.

Simplicity comes in many ways and this simple verse packs a big of punch. What I mean by that is that for me and for my daughter this words means that she already has the tools she needs to be brave and lovely.

I told you I was soul searching. Speak some simple words that give life and make a difference.