While reading an article on a business magazine I came across some words that for months have been re-appearing in different ways. In in my heart, on social media posts, on images, on conversations with my husband, friends and our home group from church as well. It seems that everyone wishes to accomplish more with less. Less stress, less time, less money or less _________ (you fill in the blank).

31-Days-of-Simplicity-less-is-more-wandalopezdesignsJust like us, companies are looking into simplicity. Companies want to merge the complexity of function into a simplicity of design. It is fascinating to see a company wanting to include “simplicity” in their language. Simplicity is not boring, Simplicity is attractive. It is like going green, it’s not only good for the Earth, it’s good for us too.

One of the main goals I have in a personal sense and  in a professional sense, as well, is to incorporate the “less is more” as a value. It is not about how much I do, but if what I do makes a difference on others.

One time someone said, “you can be moving all day and not going anywhere”. Those words have stayed with me and they constantly remind me that by moving more (or faster), that it doesn’t necessarily mean that I have accomplished more.

I urge you to make simple changes and practice some less is more. By moving more you don’t necessarily go farther. Do small stuff. Pay more attention to details. Listen more, talk less. Go out for ice cream with the family once in a while and make memories, they last for ever. Savor each moment.