31-Days-of-Simplicity-a-piece-of-cake-wanda lopez designsThis weekend was a non stopping party. We were invited to three birthday celebrations. We had a blast, no doubt about that, but we are exhausted. And the amount of sweets and pieces of cake that we ate was insane. So worth it!

We celebrated our pastors 50th birthday, a baby girls first birthday and my nieces 12th birthday as well. All in two days. It was a reminder of life. From a baby, to a pre teenager and a man in his 50’s. Life is good and as full as you wish to make it. A birthday celebration is a piece of your life. Take time to embrace the moment and reflect on all the possibilities. Piece of cake!

It was a real pleasure for us to be a part of their lives and celebrate with them happy memories. It was a perfect weekend, we had simple moments joined with amazing people.

31-Days-of-Simplicity-a-piece-of-cake-nephews-wanda-lopez-designsThe one celebration that was very dear to my heart was my niece’s celebration. Just having her in my life is precious, special and joyful. She is my sisters daughter and I love her like one of my own girls. I praise God for her life and everything she is meant to accomplish.

I urge you to celebrate life, the life of a special person in your life. It is the most simple way to make memories.