I am a big lover of stationary. If my desk could talk, it would tell you so. When I think about simplicity one of the first things that comes to mind are To Do Lists, agendas and post-it.

When I’m out running errands I will definitely have a to do lists or a list of some sort. Even though I can use my phone to keep lists, (which I have many lists on my phone), but there is just something about holding a piece of paper. I’ll have to admit, it always helps when the note pad is pretty and you just wish to show it off. I’m always searching for note pads and pens.

One of my must haves are colorful gel pens. They come in handy when I’m organizing my agenda. I make a legend on the side of a particular month and assign a color to each area. For example; I am currently using hot pink for blog posts, green for anything related to our church (events, home groups, volunteering), purple for events, light blue for “me time”, neon orange for family time and red for doctors appointments. I also like to add on any white space available some bible verses that speak to my heart on that particular month.


Here are some of my favorite simplicity items to have in my desk and use daily.  My Simplified Planner, some lovely gel pens in many colors and an organizer that fits my bag and I can carry around. This are some of the items that I use daily to help me feel less overwhelmed and more organized. Simplicity in the small, but very pretty, things.

When I purchase an item I’m always considering how that item will simplify my life. The functionality is crucial, but the appearance is a must. When things are pretty you want to use them more, carry them more and show them off more. Get those key items that are going to simplify you life and you are going to love using.

Lets face it, we are busy people and the year is nearly gone. It’s October and the holiday season is near by. Which means, more chaos for some of us. Lets try some small steps and simplify our daily routine. By the end of the month you can go back and see how much you have accomplished.