Believing in yourself. Believing that God loves you. Believing that you have what it takes to accomplish that thing you are dreaming of. Believing you can be good at that job you are doing. Believing that you are going to do good in school. Believe in yourself so strongly that the world can’t help but to believe in you too.

31-Days-of-Simplicity-simplicity-in-believing-wandalopezdesignsIt may be easier said than done, but trust me, simplicity in believing is all about making good faith habits. Good believing habits.

Today at the store my youngest daughter wanted a notebook she saw. She said (several times) that she wanted that notebook, but that it was impossible for her to have it. She believed she couldn’t have it. I took that opportunity to teach her about the power of words and the power of faith. The words that comes out of her mouth are the fruit of her precious heart. I remembered her that she is God’s princess and that she should declare and believe always in good things.

That doesn’t mean she is always going to get what ever she wants, but it does mean that nothing is impossible for God and if it is His will that she gets something, then she will get it.

It just happened that my mom had sent her some cash for her birthday and we could get her the notebook, but I didn’t, not this time. I believe that I am a better mom, a better teacher, if I allow her to learn to believe, trust, have faith and the realize the power of positive words.

31-Days-of-Simplicity-believe-wandalopezdesignsBelieve, simply believe.

Joyce Meyer once said, “As believers in Jesus Christ, our work is to believe while God works on our behalf.”