Blogging takes time and it usually covers a purpose. Maybe you want to turn it into a business, or you started as blogging for fun and then it turned into a business. Maybe you have been blogging for a while and want to turn it into a business, or you are blogging for fun and want to keep it that way. Regardless of the reason, blogging is putting yourself out there and you should have a plan of some sorts to share that content. Lets talk about why to blog and how it can help you and help your business.

Why to blog and how it can help you

  • Are you making blogging part of your marketing strategy?

Start by planning your blog posts. Take topics into consideration. Be specific to what you are interested in and what you want people to get to know you by. Be an expert of one thing, not a know-er of many.

Schedule out your blog posts. Consistency is key. This is something I am a constant learning. Plan on posting once a week, twice a week or as many times as you can keep up with. But, don’t’ be too hard on yourself when life happens and you can’t post on a date you intended to. I’ve been there and many other bloggers have too.

Schedule posts on social media platforms. Think, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+. Tip: Start by sharing on platforms where you can share a link. Make it easy for readers to end on your blog

Another Tip: Build excitement for upcoming blog posts. Keep your readers expectant for what’s to come!

  • What can blogging do for you?

Blogging can serve as a portfolio of your work. Whether it’s to show your photography skills, writing skills, art or cooking skills.

“Blogging grows traffic over time, not overnight”

At first your numbers will be low and you don’t want to let that discourage you.

Consistency is key.

Get readers to know you as an expert on an specific topic. If they are interested they’ll want to read older posts.

Get readers to know you in general. By blogging you are sharing personal facts about you and showing off your personality.

You got this! Go on and make things happen.

  • What is one action you can take today to build momentum for your blog (and business)?

I once heard someone saying that blog traffic is like compound interest; I didn’t get it at first until my husband and I bought a house and that term showed up again.

Continuously compound interest is a great thing when you are earning it. It means that your principal is constantly earning on the interest earned. (There so much more information regarding compound interest, but you don’t need all that broker/realtor terminology, unless that’s your jam). AKA, your content is being found, serving people, putting yourself out there and creating a platform for you to show your expertise. Consistency makes a difference. This is where more is better.

Actions you want your blog readers to take:

  • Get some conversations started. By leaving comments and sharing your blog posts.
  • Buy your products (if that applies to you).
  • You want them to join your mailing list.
  • You want them to keep on coming back.

Why to blog and how it can help you!

Treat your blog with love and always remember “why” you started blogging in the first place. Overall, have fun. Blogging takes time, but when it’s your passion it won’t feel as much.

Share with me, what got you started into blogging and why have you kept on with it?