Personal Updates

Creating an online business as an artist happens daily, with messy desks and all. Join my journey as I share with you the behind-the-scenes of growing a creative online business helping artists and creative entrepreneurs.

  • Intentional, mid-year view

    I have been aiming for good photography, great social media, flawless writing, designing and making accessories everyone will love, take care of my girls, keeping the house tidy, being warm and welcoming with others, and on top of all of that take some time for myself. Ufff… I am tired already. Can you see the pattern? I was trying to be and do perfectly every area of my life, and yet had no defined intention.

    Intentional #wordoftheyear / Reviewing my word of the year half way throu the year / Be intentional in everything you do and why you do it! / by Wanda Lopez #wandalopezdesigns


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  • Intentional #wordoftheyear

    A couple of years ago I started choosing a word for the year. I would normally create a board with the word I have chosen and images that inspires that particular word. In my kitchen I have a chalkboard for quick notes and I write my word in there too so I can see it constantly. The goal, for me, is to have accessible sight to the word I have chosen and things that reminds me “why” I chose that word.

    Intentional #wordoftheyear / by Wanda Lopez Designs - blogIntentional…is my word for 2016.

    Why intentional? (more…)

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  • design for a new year…

    I have been creating handbags for years and the learning process is just starting. Working with fabrics from my local craft store has been fun, but honestly I want something different. For months I have been studying, searching and researching methods and techniques for treating fabric and creating your own fabric design.

    Grace Tote  with light cream leather straps / by Wanda Lopez Designs / bleached treated royal blue canvas / #wandalopezdesigns


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