31 Days of Simplicity

  • Fall {Animal Print} Handbag

    Fall is in the air!

    I love all the seasons, the reason for it is that they all show a marked difference on the environment. The surroundings are physically changing and the climate changes too. I just love change. That can be one of the reasons why I love fashion so much. I love the fact that fashion changes with the seasons.

    I made a bag months ago that I haven’t added to the shop yet. Before I add an item, I test a sample for a while and show it off to see peoples reaction. If they complement the bag or not. If the bag goes with the season we are in or not. That is the case of this particular bag, that I ended up calling Grace Hobo Bag in Leopard. A must have for fall, if I may say so myself!

    Grace-Hobo-Leopard-wanda-lopez-designsHandbags must me pretty in designs and simple in usage. The more items you add to the design the heavier it is. Most women won’t buy a bag if it is heavy on its own. Imagine how much more it will weight with your personal items inside the bag?

    This particular bag, the Grace Hobo bag, is made with a beautiful soft leopard fabric with a stunning black suede fabric to complement and also work as a contrast. It is light in weight, but also sturdy, it holds its shape beautifully.

    Grace-Hobo-Leopard-wandalopezdesigns-close-upIf you are loving this beautiful leopard hobo bag and can see yourself (or anyone you know) using it on special occasion or daily; leave me a comment below. Also, stay in touch for an update on the shop and when this beautiful animal print Grace Hobo bag will be available.

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  • For granted?

    At times we can get so involved with the daily routine and buzz that some things are taking for granted. We all have gone through this at one time or another.

    What do you feel you have taken for granted? The ability to walk? To see? Hear? Having running water? Having a house? Having a job?

    Sometimes it can be your spouse/husband.

    31-Days-of-Simplicity-for-granted-wandalopezdesignsFor us, simplicity comes in taking time for ourselves, without any other distraction. After getting married and having kids taking time for ourselves seemed to be something from the past. But, after our second daughter was born my husband started planning dates at least once a month. That meant, planning where to go, at what time, when and who would stay with the girls.

    Lately we have been taking some time to spend together during the day. We drop the girls off in school and take advantage of the school hours. Tip: free babysitter.

    Take some time to think about those things you have and haven’t giving thanks for. Those things you have taken for granted. Even if it seems dumb, it’s not. With the hustle and bustle of life it is very easy to just go on and about with your own business, take time to give thanks, stop taking things for granted. Or people for granted.

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  • Everything happens for a reason

    The girls have been helping around the house which is one of their simple ways for letting us know how much they love us. As a mom this act of love makes me feel happy. Like I’m doing a good job with them.

    Chores has helped them be more conscious with their own messes. If there is clothe laying around the bathroom floor, they’ll pick it up without being told to (well, we are still working on that “without being told to” part). It’s really cute to see from take action.

    31-Days-of-Simplicity-everything-happens-for-a-reason-coffee-mug-wandalopezdesigns (2)

    They are also doing the dishes. But, that comes with a price. Lets just say that we are running out of dishware. Last week we lost a couple of glasses. We are taking it slow. Lately, I’ve recruited the dishwasher. I enjoy having the girls pitch in around the house. I just know how long we can afford it. LOL!

    My husband always says that everything happens for a reason.

    31-Days-of-Simplicity-everything-happens-for-a-reason-coffee-mug-wandalopezdesignsWhile the girls help around the house and learn how to do it carefully I am taking it all in and enjoying the moment. That simple act of love they are showing is worth any coffee mug. Plus, I can take advantage of the phrase, “everything happens for a reason” and go shopping for new coffee mug, or dishware.

    We, like many families are in a budget, but it is also true that a coffee mug is not an expensive item. Someone must let Superman know that this gal needs a new mug!

    The most important fact here is that the girls are learning more about responsibility and working together. A simplicity lesson for them and for us as a family is that when we work together around the house things get done faster. This has also helped each one of us be more conscious about our own mess and about everyone’s contribution for helping out.

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  • Sing along…

    Today was a super special day for us. Our oldest daughter had her first Fall Festival and she sang like an angel. All of the kids from her Middle School Chorus did. They were amazing and very professional.

    31-Days-of-Simplicity-sing-along-wandalopezdesignsSeeing her sing and hearing her sing melted my heart. After her first song I got so teary that I thought I was going to lose it. I give thanks to God for giving me the pleasure of seeing my girl grow up right before my eyes and when days like today comes by (when I can seat and take it all in), well, they are just priceless.

    31-Days-of-Simplicity-sing-along-fast-festival-wandalopezdesignsI had one of those simplicity moments. Seeing her sing with a group of other middle school kids and then taking her to have an ice cream to celebration moment was very special.

    Simply enjoy your kids presentations from school and sing along. This are moments that will not only melt your hearts, but become priceless for ever.

    Sitting here on my comfy sofa while sharing this night with you all and remembering tonight’s magic makes me very emotional. I can still hear in my head the sound of laughter that my girls shared with us. Taking it all in and loving every minute of it!

    Make your days count, make memories. Simply, sing along!

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