How to create a productive workflow

For years I’ve been hustling and working like a mad woman without an actual plan in sight. Crazy, right?

Then I realized I was working towards busyness instead of towards creating a business. Feeling related? I hear you! I needed a workflow with purpose, intention and a plan. An accurate plan that made sense and took me to a place where I felt happy instead of STUCK. I’m probably pushing some buttons on you right now. That’s cool, in fact that’s exactly what I want, to bring you into a place of identifying what you are doing and if it’s working or not (for you and your business goals). Let’s start by manifesting what you want your life to look like, where you are right now and what you believe is not working. And go into how to create a productive workflow.

How to create a productive workflow, a schedule that helps you be more productive and intentional in your business. #business #scheduling #creativebusiness #biztalk


Grow your business with intention

For the past few years I have chosen a word of the year. Its purpose is to remind myself of my current goals. One of the things that helps me is to keep it visible at all times. I put it on my vision board in my office, on the fridge door, on the side of the mirror in my bedroom and inside my planner. Here’s a tip; put your word of the year everywhere possible.

Grow Your Business with intention and make this year the best one yet for your business. #businesscoach #girlboss #bosslady @

The whole idea of choosing a word of the year is to bring to memory what your goals or resolutions are. For me is GROWTH. Growing my business and be of service to others that need help getting started or need an extra push to keep on going. I can say with the most honesty that I wish I had a mentor when starting my business and I can’t do business or life without a strong like minded community, no one should. That’s why my #wordoftheyear is growth!

Grow your business with intention!


Why to blog and how it can help you

Blogging takes time and it usually covers a purpose. Maybe you want to turn it into a business, or you started as blogging for fun and then it turned into a business. Maybe you have been blogging for a while and want to turn it into a business, or you are blogging for fun and want to keep it that way. Regardless of the reason, blogging is putting yourself out there and you should have a plan of some sorts to share that content. Lets talk about why to blog and how it can help you and help your business.

Why to blog and how it can help you


5 Makeup Bag Essentials

Makeup bags are a must have for while on the go or at home. Like many of you I also carry a small makeup bag with me at all times. I don’t leave home without it. Here are 5 makeup bag essentials you would want to carry with you at all times; specially while on the go.

Makeup bags to carry all your essentials in one same place, more at - blog


Gifts for mom

Moms work so hard and do so much for us all. One day is not enough to celebrate them. Well, you don’t have to celebrate mom just one day a year. Hug her, tell her how much you love her, make crafts for her, and help her around the house. Those are simple daily things we all can do for mom. Check out this gifts for mom, or you!

I have curated some of my favorite items for you to gift your mom and/or that special woman in your life. Warning! You may want this gifts for mom; for yourself too.
Gifts for mom and that special woman in your life. You will want to buy two of each present. One for mom and one for you! / Mother's Day - gifts for her at #blog