We are not meant to do it all alone. For months I have been saying those words to myself, yet I have been going the opposite way.

Start where you are. Are you looking into starting a photography career? / by Wanda Lopez from wandalopez.com

The reality is that my photography has evolved, but I have a long way to go. For starter I need to start using the DSLR my husband got for me about three holidays ago. Can you relate to that? As a self taught handbag designer and maker I have felt the struggle. The words, “The struggle is real”, are no joke. But, learning as I go is not always that bad. I get to try fabrics, patterns, and go back and tweak them as needed. I just love the entire process.

Start where you are. Are you looking into starting a handbag or leather business? Maybe you are a maker at heart. / by Wanda Lopez from wandalopez.com

Yes, take some time to learn how to hone in your craft, your product technique, because there is nothing better than to master that thing you are meant to be doing, that thing that makes your heart take an extra bit. Take some time to learn social media, take it one step at a time. Keep on writing blog posts until you find your voice, Do know you can always hire some of that out. Have in mind that hiring a VA for some tasks is a good idea and there’s no shame on that.

Start where you are. Are you looking into starting sharing your love for painting and creating new things that are ment to beutify the world around you? I hear you! / by Wanda Lopez from wandalopez.com

If you haven’t yet, could you start your business tomorrow? Each enterprise is a work in progress. It is never going to be perfect; it will always be a prototype, to be improved and modified as you understand more about your item or service and your customers. The reality is that you just have to take the leap; you will never know if your business is going to be successful if it sits waiting for you to finish polishing it. So set a launch date and stop putting it off. Go for it, you’re not alone. I am here for you and so is a wonderful community of great creatives. You’ve got this!

Start where you are. Are you looking into sharing your love for fashion and starting a blog or business? I hear you! / by Wanda Lopez from wandalopez.com

9 comments on “Start where you are”

  1. It’s so true! Love the part went you say… keep writing until you find your voice! I’m in that process, and I believe in me and in my voice

  2. Eso de ser tu propia jefa es bien dificil, y aun mas cuando eres una persona creativa, por que por alguna razon queremos hacerlo todo! Eso me cuesta trabajo tambien, pero voy aprendiendo en el proceso, y tambien encontrando el apoyo de una comunidad increible. Mucho exito en tu negocio, tus bolsas son bellisimas!

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