What are you prepared to complain about and what are you prepared to master? Deep question, right? Hello! I’m going deep here today.

Wanda Lopez Designs - Complain vs Master in the blog www.wandalopez.comSome new brands/businesses/creatives come out as this fully formed brand(s) right away. That’s ok if that’s natural to who they are. I think it’s also ok to sometimes show who you are right now and show where you are right now in your journey. Because we either are there too or have been there and can relate. Maybe you are someone who is learning as you go, and you’re not perfectly shiny. Evolve organically and own it!

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Don’t waist too much time focused on the perfect logo, the perfect launch for that product or channel; but do find what brings you joy and start there. This may sound cliche, but when you are enjoying what you do it will show and it will attract genuine followers and customers. I’m not saying that you don’t need to hone-in your brand’s looks and aesthetic. Everything from your product, colors, images, and voice is important. But, right now, I want you to find joy in your craft.

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Find what makes you have fun. Enjoy what you’re doing. Start where you are, test out what works for you and what doesn’t. Complain less, compare yourself less, and master more, have more fun and enjoy the process.

Do everything
before you’re ready.” — Jodie Fox

Share with me, are you complaining about your struggle or are you working towards mastering your art? Let’s be honest, I have done them both and I got tired, overwhelmed and frustrated. I am learning as I go and I own it!