Fresh White Roses / from Wanda Lopez Designs studio space #freshflowers #blossoms #WLD

The beginning of the week is the start of many opportunities, dreams and creations. I love to surround myself with beauty that fills me with inspiration and encourages me to tackle what’s to come on any given day.

Decorate your space with fresh flowers and plants / bring the inspiration inside your home or office and stay creative / #freshflowers #blossoms #WLD

One of the items I love getting for myself and everyone else around me to enjoy is fresh flowers. Flowers are a natural beauty and brings so much joy into the entire space. It’s irresistible to see a bunch of flowers (or just one) and not smile, reach out to smell it or touch it.

Beautiful flower arrangement with a lovely fall decor / from Wanda Lopez Designs studio space #freshflowers #blossoms #WLD

My favorite plant is the Orchid. I have a couple around the house. When I go to the farmers market I can’t resist and gravitate towards them. I love gifting orchids too, they are a very feminine and elegant flower.

Orchad beauty  / from Wanda Lopez Designs space #freshflowers #blossoms #WLD

What do you surround yourself with? Which is you favorite flower or plant?

Succulents and wild plant / decorate your space with beautiful colors and fresh plants to bring your inspiration flowing / #freshflowers #blossoms #WLD